See ya soon!
Hope to see you soon!
I enjoyed your performance at Olivia's tonight! July 14, 2012.
Going on vacation early February. Can I come to visit?
are you playing anywhere?
nice page buddy, keep it up. :-D
Really like your stories & songs Doug! Would love to see you live when your in this area. I am from and still live in Plant City, Florida. I'll keep my eye out for a show close by in the future. Take care. Bill Thornton
Nice to meet you on the plane coming home from Maryland. I get to Florida a few times a year. I am a mandolin player involved in many types of music. Would love to hook up with you and your music. take care -Tom
Caught you the other night at the Blue Note and played a song myself. It was great meeting you. I talked with you a little bit. I bought your "Welcome Home" CD. It is great, great musicians on it also. The Dobro and the fiddles stand out. Thanks for coming to Pontiac, Mi. Butch
Hey Doug, Just 'dropped by' to say we're looking forward to your visit to Indianapolis in April!
You have a wonderful website. Please check out mine.
I had the pleasure of hearing you last night in Jensen Beach. As I sit here enjoying the music on the "Welcome Home" CD I realize how much more the words mean after hearing the story behind the song.
I'm a friend of Bonnie Van Allen and I thank you for the tribute to her. This month has been rough as she lost her pontoon boat, but with the help of friends she will soon be back at Marker 26!
I am a Florida Native of Minorcan descent. I love Florida history and music. I cannot believe I had never heard of you before this week. I caught a piece on NPR with you out of Orlando the other evening and immediately fell in love with your music. I very much enjoyed hearing you describe the stories behind some of your songs. In the NPR segment you mentioned the author Patrick Smith, who I have enjoyed for several years and your lyrics paint a picture for me that is very similar the the picture he paints of old Florida. I will be buying your CDs and my wife and I are planning to attend one of your shows in the very near future. I am glad I found you brother.
Nice stuff. Great vocal and I love the dobro work.
Hello, You may remember me jamming in the Irish pubs of Orlando with my wife, Robin (fiddler). I'm a guitar player, also a special ed. teacher at Boone High in town. I'm trying to find a room to rent in Orlando so I don't have to drive home to Melbourne every night after school. Do you know of any musician friends who might have a spare room? Thanks, Norman
You were parked beside us for a night at Summersville Lake in WV early last fall. We enjoyed listening to you fiddle around on the guitar and the campfire conversation. Looking forward to catching a show when you are in WV.
I'm enjoying your new CD. I was born in WPB Florida (even WPB was small 50 years ago). Most of my friends have left and moved up in the area where Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee meet but I'm still here and hope to be able to stay. Florida the best place for me and I enjoy listening to your songs. Thanks! Bob
Hey Doug, Here's wishing you the best with your perfomace at the Sunday Sample 9/13/09! I was so looking forward to opening for you but due to complications of the swine flu I regret to say that I just can't be there!! I just want you to know how much I respect you as singer/song writer your down to earth attitude! Love Ya Carly Bak
Just saw you at Jolly Acres campground & wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed listening to you. My husband & I actually planned to come back in for the second set, but, once we realized everyone else was leaving, we didn't think you needed to continue performing just for the two of us. Did want you to know that we found you greatly entertaining and look forward to seeing you again in the near future!! Kim & Alan Arledge
I attended your house concert at Rick & Denise's and it was superb. Not only was the music top notch but you were extremely entertaining with your humourous stories and jokes. (Even Owen kept close - not to miss a word.) Thanks for remembering to play Marker 26 for me. People who miss your concerts just don't realize what a great loss it is!
I have both of your CD's, awesome, when are you releasing another? Also have you put any thought in publishing your songs, creating a songbook?
good stuff Doug!
Doug, Glad to see you will be in our neck of the woods soon. Looking foward to seeing you in Tampa and Pinellas Park. Congrats on your cd of the year ! Best to the family. See you soon.
It was great to meet you and Judy this past weekend. We were wondering if Kendal has arrived. Had a wonderful time, keep in touch! PS: Love your music!
Doug, It's been too long since we've visited. I want to congratulate you for "CD of the year"!! I know there will be more to come. Hug Judy for me.
Love the music!
Hey Doug, I so enjoyed hearing you last year in Memphis and I'm trying to wear out your CD. It's been in my car since Memphis. Glad to see that you are going to be there again. Hope to catch you - if not in the HAAM room then elsewhere. See you then - Pam
Heard you last summer at the KOA in Cherokee N.C.
Last Thursday, on a beautiful fall-cool Florida night, beneath a big chickee on the Gulf of Mexico, singer/songwriter Doug Spears stood alone with his guitar and compelling ballads and stories, entertaining – holding – a crowd of mostly locals all jived up from the Tampa Bay Rays first playoff win earlier that afternoon and all concerned about the 10th-ranked USF Bulls playing that very evening. It was Florida Folk Night at Ka’Tiki -- which can be one of the most challenging gigs in the state: The crowd can be loud, raucous and wild, all stirred up by the most beautiful sunsets in the state, and all liquored up from the establishment’s libations. There are televisions on high above the stage, Harleys rumbling in the parking lot, passing cars honking horns, etc. It is NOT a house concert, but every bit as intimate and charming, in my opinion, when the artist rises to the occasion. Many artists find this sort of atmosphere disturbing and either can’t or won’t perform in such establishments. Doug Spears, however, stood strong up there and during a 90 minute set slowly won the attention of the whole place, presenting one of the very best shows, under extremely difficult conditions, that we’ve ever had in the 5+ years Pat Barmore and I have been hosting this Thursday night event. Doug put together his absolutely great material, mixed it up with a healthy respect for his audience, never complained and pretty much owned the house. It was very much like the situation faced and overcome by Mike Jurgenson, a few weeks before. Guys like Doug and Mike, and Jak Kelly and many others, are old pros – they know how to work an audience and are confident in their own material and their own abilities to pull it off. The audience responds with generosity in the tip jar and by purchasing CDs. I’m sure Doug felt a great sense of satisfaction looking at the many eyes, all across the room, even to the very back of the bar, staring at his words while he sang. Doug Spears met the challenge and prevailed. It is a lesson we can all take at heart. The audience is out there to be entertained and if the artist can’t pull it off, the bottle damn sure will.
We were honored to have Doug Spears perform as our featured guest opening our fifth season at Woodview Coffee House. Doug capably weaves songs and stories together to put his finger on the common pulse of each listener. His lyrics resonate off universal experiences. He's a cracker who doesn't belabor his links to Florida sand, rather he shares the living current flowing through Florida waters, past and present. From songs like "Break Some Stones" to "Put Your Shoulder to the Plow", Doug touches upon the inner knowledge and outer effort needed to improve ourselves and our society. His performances reveal a genuine person, tempered by time and leavened with humor. Thank you, Doug, for the time, intellect, intensity and energy you bring to your craft.
I lost in houston and need to here your CD's. give me a call when you have time.
COLORS---- What a awesome song! Truly a beautiful work of art.
Doug, Just trying to catch up with you. Looks like all is going well for you. Please give my love to Judy. Lood forward to seeing you two. Thea
I would rather spend all my $$money$$ on this quality music......rather than...uh...on...uh..say...some beady-eyed lawyer....that may have one time in his life put popcorn in someone's bed....or locked someone in a tent with a nylon tie..........probably a criminole fan as well......! How do I order? Love a happy Gator
Doug did a super job at the Savannah Folk Music Society's monthly coffeehouse-style concert, First Friday for Folk Music. The two-humdred folkies in attendance were put at ease by Doug's laid-back, homey style and exhilerated by his words and music. Great songs combined with fine play and entertaining, informative patter makes Doug a sure-fire success with any audience.
Great show Doug if you are ever in Louisville please let know and you will have a place to stay.
We've become fans!!! THANK YOU
Hey, my name is Atom. Your wife Judy gave me the link. I love the music. Would love to hear you localy! Im a guitarist myself. Hope to see you soon! Atom
Hi Doug, I looked up European Street Cafe in Jacksonville. there are 4 of them! Which one will you be playing on August 2? Our grandaughter lives there and we may go to visit that week-end. Thanks,Shirley
Thanks for a fabulous performance in Treasure Island tonight. It was a pleasure to meet such a multi-talented person. You're a true Renaissance man!
Doug, I want to thank you for all of your kind words and your beautiful song for my dad. You are a fantastic singer/songwriter and that song stops me in my tracks. I didn't get a chance at the festival, but I want to tell you how sorry I am about Tanner. You and your music have been a source of comfort for many of us when Dad died and I pray for peace and healing for you and Judy. See you at the next festival. Much love, Carrie
Barbara and I miss hearing your music as much as all the music in Florida. We would like for you and Judy to come to visit us in blaisville.
Doug Spears is a great singer. You have to buy his CD.
Hello, Doug, from New Zealand. I've been reading your updates. You're an inspiration. I'll see you at Will McClean when I return to Florida.
Please join us in Austin,Tx. in June for our gathering of songwriters and family and fans oif Mickey Newbury's.You would be so welcomed.The song is fabulous.
Hello Doug. Just want to stop by and give you a hug. Hope to see you some time soon. Take care, Good Luck, and have fun.
Ilove the songs in truth and lies
I like your songs and music, I hope to see one of your live presentations soon, maybe in College Park this weekend
Hey Doug, I love your songs and your music. (There's a difference, you know) Thanks for your efforts in the songwriting class. I would love to talk to you on another level. Lets stay in touch. Steve Butler
Doug Spears filled the atmosphere at Natures Haven with the soulful spirit of his words ,wisdom and melodies. I have been listening to "truth & lies" much and to hear him live really touched my soul.He spoke just enough to make the music have intellectual meaning and historical signifigance. A number of the folks in the audience commented on how good he was and how much they enjoyed the concert. This "Songwriters Sunday "is a blessed event to have artists who pour their talent and love into the lyrics just as Doug did.Many thanks from myself and Tod for your wonderful performance Doug. Sincerely, Doreen
Hey Doug, I finally visited your site and just listened to Thrift Store. Wow, what a beautiful, well-crafted, amazingly produced song. I really really loved it. Especially the paint by number clown. Your word pictures transported me to the thrift store (my favorite place to shop). Please keep me on your email list. Are you a member of You will get a lot of people to listen to and review your music on that site. I like it! God bless you and hope to see you at the FFF.
Nice web site, How about a link to under your calander listing for the Sarasota Folk Music Festival? Thanks, Jim Gromko, Fest coordinator
Hi Doug, GZ shared your newest music with me again through your website. Looks like you just keep getting better!Don't know how that happens, but a couple of the songs were so close to the heart. Great job, great music, and I'm wondering who loaned you that guitar to get going...:)? Whoever it was, must be a very special person. Ready for Vegas yet?
Hi Doug! I just listened to 'It Must Be You' again and I still think your wife is a lucky woman! : ) In all seriousness, I've shared your website with a friend or two that I think will like your music too. Best wishes!
you done good, bro.......gz
Well, listening to even the best recording is never gonna be as wonderful as having you sit in around the campfire. When Ally Smith lends her fabulous voice to your compositions, it's mystical. Unfortunately, gonna miss your performance at Natures Haven , , , will be with Al Scortino in Flat Rock Folk Festival NC as finalists. Otherwise, I'd be there to provide a test for your performance skills. Let's see have well you can form those words while I eat a lemmon in the front row? ;-)) Out, THERE! norm
Doug, You have another fan! Love your music style! Looking forward to hearing you live.
Doug: Just bought your new CD and looking forward to hearing it. You're a wonderful songwriter. Thank you!!!
Doug recently played for us at The Acoustic Coffeehouse, in Johnson City, Tennessee. We were all impressed with his wonderful voice and great material, and we hope he returns soon.
We at Lena's Place Coffeehouse in Atlanta had the great pleasure of having Doug perform for us. It was a terrific performance by Doug. His impeccable musicianship, heartfelt songwriting and warm and entertaining stage presence are welcome at Lena's Place anytime!
Doug, I looked at your calendar, and you are so busy. I want to come to see you. If we make it to Tampa the weekend your there Tom and I will come. Please say hello to Judy! your good friends, Thea & Tom
Saturday night, when Judith Rose opened her house in Tampa for your concert, it was the first time I attended a house concert. She not only provided a relaxing atmosphere, but it was warm and inviting. Guests as well as Judith, generously brought snacks, including coffee, which in my opinion would make a house concert tough to beat. But most importantly, it was the first time that I had exposed myself to live folk music. After your exceptional performance Doug, I wondered why it had taken me so long to discover the unmistaken depth and appeal that folk music has to offer. Sure, I grew up listening to small doses of John Denver, James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot, but there was never a time I gave any serious thought to folk music. Back then, I never would have imagined that someone like you would come along and change my perceptions about music. As I listened to the words, your creative talent for songwriting was clear. Vivid images sprang to life from the way your words weaved together snippets of memories that seemed to magically paint a picture right before my eyes. My old wedding gown, no doubt yellowed from age, popped into my head, as I heard “Thrift Shop.” I wondered if someone had purchased my abandoned dreams. Later on came “Annie’s Chairs,” such a beautiful song filled with words that I understood. Yes, I had my favorites, but each song, like words written in a book—I was spellbound and drawn into each of them, as they captured my full attention. However, it didn’t end there. When it came to your singing voice, there was no question that it was equal to your songwriting ability, making the entire experience a pleasure. With a smile, you autographed CD’s purchased at the concert, including my own. During our conversation, I found you to be down to earth as well as friendly. As a writer, I felt unity, and I sensed your passion for songwriting. Although I certainly am not a songwriter, I hope that one day my writing will have the kind of expressive quality that you have been able to achieve in your songs. For anyone reading my comment, if you find yourself anywhere in the neighborhood of one of Doug’s concerts, I would highly recommend that you treat yourself to one of his fine performances. Doug’s music will entertain you as his songs provide a touch of sentiment with their meaningful words, and as an added bonus; you will probably learn a few things about history that you didn’t know before. One thing is certain, I will be watching for Doug’s next appearance in my neighborhood, but until then, I have my CD. “Thank you,” Doug, not only for the invitation, but also for giving me my first exposure to live folk music. I’m certainly delighted that you did. Debra
Hi Doug, I'm an old family friend of your Mom and Dad, Jerry and Gayle. GZ told me about your music career. The last time I saw you, you were about 9 years old and living in NE St. Petersburg. I'm living in Las Vegas now and I just found your site. I'm extremely impressed. Wish I had known you were playing when I was in Florida a month or so ago. I'll be listening this Friday. GZ sent me the info. Regards to you and your family, and again...the music is fabulous. Keep singing. Pat Belbot
Doug, Heard you for the first time at Langford Park earlier this year. I really enjoy your music, especially your songwriting ability to put everyday events/experiences into a well-crafted song. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you at the Springfest at Barberville in a couple of weeks. My friend Lonnie Hardesty and myself, along with Marlene, our bass player, will be doing a couple of sets there as well. We're known as "Folk Impressions". Should be fun playing there and hearing all of the other musicians and their music there. See you there. Love your CD by the way!! Thanks for sharing your gift with us! Kind regards, Jeff Mayer Acoustic Guitar Player/Singer
AWESOME Sounds Doug, heard your music on Gator's show on
Met you briefly in line for food at the Will Festival in Brooksville - I was the disapointed lady who missed your performance due to scheduling changes. My husband and I were introduced to your music when our son, Gavin, gave us your CD last Christmas. Looking forward to Brberville. Karen Burgess
Hey Doug, Great website, Ilove listening to your music, hopefull will get to a show soon. Good luck Becci
Dear Doug; I must admit that I have not been introduced to your music, and for that I apologise. Now that I know a bit about you I look forward to discovering the light that shines within you. Heres to wishing you the great success that you so richly deserve! God Bless and Gods Love, Misty~!
I love your music and you look good also Judy
I have sampled some of your work and It's really good. As a Dylan/Prine hybred myself I look foward to seeing U in person. btw: I play an Ovation acoustic w/ the Golden Melody Hohners on the Neck thing! I must admit I know more prine and Buffett then Dylan, however Bob was my insperation back in the 70's. Nice website also. Paul aka Pacdog.
Can't wait to catch you live. The best of everything Doug!
love it! ill rank you right up there with the best!
Doug, You did a great show in Eustis on Sat. we hope to see you more often. we love your CD, especially "This Old House".Good Luck in the future. Shirley and Johnny Guerry
Good article in the Sentinel today! I am sure Debi has told you how much I enjoy your cd! May you continue to be a great success!
Doug: We lived in St.Pete for many years and are very good friends with your Mom and Dad. Jerry and I used to hunt and fish a lot together, really miss them. They sent us a christmas card and told us to check out your web site. What a wonderful job you have done in your writing and singing, and the web site is special, too bad you look so much like Jerry. Hope you have the upmost success in your career, it's very obvious that you are one talented dude. Tell your Mom and Dad we said "Hello", and let us know if you are ever in Northeast Florida near Jacksonville.
We're looking at your website and we really like it. Enyoyed last night. Can't wait to see you again. Jana and Bonnnie
love the music!!!
Doug - I LOVE your CD. I just ordered 10 to give away. I can't wait until we all hear you on the radio. You belong there!! All the best to your success with this CD. Gail
Hi Doug - CD arrived safely in Scotland! Enjoying your songs - hope we will get the opportunity to "jam" some day. Just heard that they are planning cheap daily flights between Orlando & Glasgow starting summer 06 so no excuses! Cheers Sheila
Had the pleasure of hearing you perform at the Barberville Jamboree today. Really enjoyed your singing and playing, so much so that I purchased your CD's (to save your marriage!) and will give it to a favorite guitar playing son-in-law for Christmas. Now must go back to work tomorrow and will purchase another for myself! Your stories are wonderful and refreshing! Thanks for coming to Barberville...
CD ACID TEST Today, I changed out our background music in the house/office phone system which plays throughout the entire house on 12 different phones. Because the system only plays one CD at a time and if you put it on the repeat mode, I can take it, but Patsy or Judy will usually cry "Uncle" and ask for a change after listening for five or six hours. For that reason we usually just let the FM Jazz stations fill in the background. I put your CD on this morning before anybody got in the office and at 3:00 PM, after listening to it for 7 hours, I caught Patsy singing along with it and she said, "I really like this album. Is it John Denver?" "Close," I said. "It's Doug Spears." At which time, Judy looked up from her laptop and said, "Wow! I knew that the songs seemed familiar. Wow, what job they did on this album!" What makes this so great is that they had both been listening, not on a good sound system, but to the output of 12 little speaker phones. I'd say you just passed the "Grace Kelly Test" Congratulations! I'm sure going to be proud to give them out as Christmas Presents. Jim Smathers - Winter Haven, Fl.
Dear Doug: I, too, heard your interview and live performance on WLRN-FM (NPR) on September 11th in Miami. Wow: What wonderful songs, playing, and conversation! I look forward to seeing you perform in person. Also, congratulations on your new CD “Truth & Lies” (which now is available on your website). Sincerely, Pat Leitch
Hi Doug, I just moved to FL and have always been an npr fan, heard your interview and concert Sun Sep 11th and just wanted to tell you how much I loved your songs. [re: Annie's Chairs] I’ve always been inspired by the movie Phenomenon and the msg about lady and her chairs, Kera Sedrick (sp) I think, loved that role!! I am still single (currently have a wonderful boyfriend), but over the years found myself in the dating game protesting “did you see the movie Phen..?” “that’s what I want from a man!!” Ha Thanks for having a feminine side!! And thrift stores!! Loved that, I LIVE in them! They are so full of life and stories, . . . Thanks for the inspiration! Shawn Ladyship Records
Hunter says,"We like your dot com(website)." Chase says,"I like your photos on the website." Glad to see your website is up. Love it. Save me a Cd!!!!! Love ya, Vollenweiders
Heard you on the radio on Sunday in Miami. I like your music and really enjoyed "this old house". I would like to order your CD when it comes out in October.